Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pirahna motor swap

After much testing and engine swapping we've found the pirahna 150 is a great "drop in" motor for the MadAss 125. Additional advantages are complete battery deletion and tons more power, all existing madass mods are applicable, so you don't have to start over, watch this spot for more details.

- Phil

Location:U.S. 6 Alt,Lakewood,United States


  1. Looking forward to your results and experience with Pirahna Motor. The battery deletion sounds great! Please update us soon!

  2. Just found your web site here. Great stuff. How's the project? No battery? How does the bike get started? Old school kick start? I can deal with that. One less thing to fail. Please give us an update.


  3. Can you put that on a MA50 and does the exhaust need to be replaced?